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Drive brand awareness and increase app adoption on
select college campuses across the country by leveraging guerilla style activations.

Custom wrapped Bumble G Wagons hit college campuses in TX, CA, PA and MA, providing college students with rides to class that included surprises along the way. Students who downloaded the app were treated to complimentary snacks, coffee, branded gear and even celebrity appearances.
In partnership with Feed Co, food trucks were parked on campus offering free food to students with the Bumble app.


During the peak of the COVID pandemic, social distancing park benches were created to promote safe connections between students back on campus. Benches were placed in 25 locations, including local restaurants and high student trafficked areas near universities.

Our team managed all creative, fabrication, and operational aspects of these takeovers. Inclusive of all influencer relations, staffing, drive schedule, permitting, budgeting, content creation, etc.  With each takeover the programs were expanded and extended during the activation.

As the first project with Bumble, the G Wagon program alone estimated over 2,000 new downloads that took place over the course of the first two weeks.  Ex Shop has since produced several different types of events for Bumble and continue to partner with the brand on an ongoing basis.

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