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Austin’s annual SXSW conference offers a world-class opportunity for seeding and extending brands among tech-minded talent and thought leaders. The challenge for Capital One was to leverage a super sponsorship to increase awareness among this influential target and the digital/tech component by showcasing the Company’s thoughtful leadership.

Antone’s is a historic house of blues and an ideal venue for attracting, entertaining and educating the numerous daily SXSW Interactive attendees. We converted this icon into a dynamic, branded, technology-driven nexus for Capital One—while maintaining its historic charm. The program included four days of top speakers, live music, catering, custom-designed interactive product displays, and a range of unique brand engagements.

For 5 years and counting, the Capital One House at Antone’s has been a huge success:

  • 7,000+ attendees in 2019

  • 20 sessions, 17 music acts hosted at full capacity

  • 446MM media impressions

  • 110,000 social engagements

  • 5,200 social mentions

  • 111 media placements, achieving program goals

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