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New to the market, Waterloo wanted to support national expansion and give consumers the opportunity to sample the unique bold flavors of their product across six key cities

The Waterloo Mobile tour kicked off at Austin’s legendary SXSW and spread to Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver in custom fabricated sprinter vans. Each vehicle was designed to allow for maximum sampling, while field marketing managers engaged with consumers at sponsored events, on and off premise locations as well as guerrilla sampling. Extensive knowledge of the city and product category allow the field team to properly target the demographic and generate a lift in overall brand impressions and sales. The tour is focused on three pillars:
Health & Wellness, Education and Live Music. The team was tasked with finding and activating sponsorship opportunities across all three target markets across the country.

The tour resulted in measurable lift and increased distribution channels across all  key markets, with discussion of launching a 2.0 version in the future.

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