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To research and present all relevant festival opportunities in the Texas market for a Jim Beam activation and partnership. Our team curated a list of the ten most viable options with a comprehensive analysis of each individual festival property and their unique offerings.

Out of the ten Texas festival options, the twenty day long activation at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (HLSR) was the first to be executed. Our team worked directly with HLSR on behalf of Jim Beam to identify a presenting sponsorship opportunity that aligned with their consumer profile and program objectives. Together we landed on The Hideout, a honky tonk that functions as the nightly after party following the stadium performance and features up & coming country/southern-rock artists. During the 6+ month planning process, our team was responsible for managing all elements of the partnership, from contract procurement, activation design/fabrication, to on-site execution.

Jim Beam was incorporated into every touch point of the venue, including the ceiling of the 180’x100’ tent. Guests and staff who have frequented the Hideout for the past 10+ years, were in awe of the overall transformation and raved about the introduction of The Jim Beam Patio Bar & Find Your Flavor Trailer. Although the activation was only live for eight of the twenty days (due to covid-19), we managed to surpass our target sampling and sales numbers.

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